OFI's Investor Education Services

In today's low interest rate environment, customers may be baited by fraudsters promising higher investment returns.  These customers may unwittingly withdraw funds from bank accounts to invest in securities that turn out to be fraudulent. 

Securities fraud is a felony.  The Office of Financial Institutions (OFI) investigates complaints of securities fraud and works with law enforcement authorities to prosecute individuals who commit these crimes.  If you suspect one of your customers has fallen prey to securities fraud, we would encourage you to contact OFI or refer your customer to our toll-free number at 1-877-516-3653.

In addition to our investigative work, OFI seeks to educate the public on safe investing through the work of our Investor Education Trainer Nancy Boudreaux.  Ms. Boudreaux is available at no charge to speak to groups throughout the state and can also educate your staff on recognizing investment scams to help protect your customers.  For additional information and resources, please visit our Investor Education website at www.ofi.la.gov/SecuritiesInvestorEd.htm.

OFI also provides background checks (CRD Reports) on registered investment professionals to the public at no charge.  These background checks include information on the individual's employment, education, and any disciplinary issues.  Please read the OFI's brochure for details on registration requirements and how to request a CRD Report from OFI.

Listed below are OFI staff members available to help you fight investment fraud:

  To request an investor education seminar:  Nancy Boudreaux, Investor Education Trainer - nboudreaux@ofi.la.gov.  Advance booking is advised.


  To request a CRD Report:  Len Riviere, Deputy Chief Examiner - lriviere@ofi.la.gov

        To file a complaint:  Frank Panepinto, Chief Investigator -  fpanepinto@ofi.la.gov 

Thank you for your assistance in protecting Louisiana citizens from investment fraud.