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Title 6:  Chapter 4 and Chapter 12.  Louisiana Check-Cashing Law

Title 6:  Chapter 10-A.  Additional Default Remedies Act

Title 6:  Chapter 14.  Louisiana S.A.F.E. Residential Mortgage Lending Act

Title 9:  Chapter 2.  Louisiana Consumer Credit Law

Title 9:  Chapter 2.  Part XI.  Louisiana Consumer Credit Law-Notification Filers (Consumer Credit Sales and Assignees)

Title 9:  Chapter 2-A.  Deferred Presentment and Small Loan Act

Title 9:  Chapter 2.  Bond for Deed and Title 6: Chapter 4.  Prohibited Practices; Sanctions (Bond for Deed)

Title 37:  Chapter 21.  Louisiana Pawnshop Act  

Chapter 13: Sale of Checks and Money Transmission Act 

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Lender Education Rule March 2015  "Louisiana Register"

        Non-Depository Records Retention Rule   June 2010  "Louisiana Register"

          RML Expired License Reinstatement Procedure Rule February 2010  "Louisiana Register"

          Repossession Agents Rule (LAC 10:XV.1301-1321)

          Records Retention Rule for Non-Depository Institutions

Louisiana Administrative Code, Title 10  Compilation of rules promulgated by OFI


ND 01-10 Challenge NMLS&R Records Policy January 7, 2010

CKC 01-09 Records Retention Schedule Policy   January 16, 2009

CKC 01-08  Examination Planning Guidelines for Check Cashers  December 22, 2008

RML 01-03 Policy Defining Employee for Residential Mortgage Lenders

RML 01-01 Records Retention Policy for Residential Mortgage Lenders

LL 02-01 Guidelines for the Sale and Financing of Club Memberships 

LL 01-08 Examination Planning Guidelines Policy  October 7, 2008

LL 01-07 Applications for Licensed Lenders with Multiple Locations

LL 01-04 Records Retention Schedule 

ND 01-01 Release of Cash Deposits, Securities, and Trust Accounts Pledged to the Commissioner

SC 01-04 Record Retention Schedule (Sale of Checks and Money Transmitters)



Attorney General Opinion 00-177 - "Sale and Lease-back" of Movables

OFI Advisory Opinion No. 6 - Rule of 78's Rebates    August 29, 2008

OFI Advisory Opinion No. 7 - Credit Insurance Rebates    August 29, 2008


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